CIA faces digital espionage allegations from China

US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is alleged of conducting espionage on China for 11 years and the allegations were laid by a Chinese security firm named Qihoo 360. Reports are in that the espionage was conducted in digital form-all through cyberattacks by CIA’s hacking group named APT-C-39.


Qihoo 360 argues that it has enough evidence to prove its stand that the CIA spied on sensitive information of many companies operating in china including aviation divisions, scientific research centers, petroleum industry, Internet Service Providers and government agencies.


The Beijing based company alleges that the CIA conducted through malware on many Commercial airlines operating in top of the metro cities across the world; apart from the People’s Republic of China.


A source from Qihoo 360 said that the procedure of conducting espionage was done by Joshua Adam Schulte, who was in charge of the team who developed Vault 7 Cyber weapon which was later used by APT-C-39 to hack into the critical infrastructure of China.


Coincidentally, the existence of Vault 7 was also referred to in Wikileaks in 2017 which was later made public by Julian Assange.


Security researchers from Qihoo 360 say that APT-C-39 was accused of conducting espionage on Chinese intelligence in between September 2008 to June 2019. It is also said that the CIA was using cyber tools named Fluxwire and Grasshopper to carry out cyberattacks on China.


Note- All these days we have seen western countries putting allegations on Russia, China and North Korea regarding cyber-attacks and digital espionage. Now, a reciprocate seems to have taken place with Donald Trump-led America as a point of discussion.


Naveen Goud
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