Citrix Systems acquires Cloud Company Cedexis

Citrix Systems, an American technology company providing Software as a Service and Cloud Computing technologies has made an official announcement last week that it has acquired 2009 cloud startup Cedexis which specializes in application delivery and traffic management. Although the company did not disclose the financial terms, trade analysts say that the deal could have fetched Cedexis approximately $36 million.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the deal was crafted in early January and was being considered by the management of Cedexis since then. In February second week, officials from Cedexis is said to have accepted the terms and conditions put forward by Citrix and the procedure for the acquisition was put into progress.

Technically speaking, Cedexis cloud-native platform optimizes traffic across multiple cloud platforms and offers to its users a programmable traffic management service which improves application performance in cloud environments. The real-time traffic steering abilities of Cedexis is based on telemetry data, analytics, and insights that can adjust to different applications and to different networks, whether hybrid or multi-cloud.

Note 1- Cedexis was founded by Julian Coulon and Marty Kagan, both veterans of Akamai. The company is based in Portland, Oregon and also operates from cities like San Francisco, Paris, and the Netherlands.

Note 2- Citrix Systems which is based in Texas since 1989 is known to offer technologies related to cloud computing, networking, desktop virtualization and application & server management. It is also known to provide remote access products for Microsoft Operating Systems after it licensed a source code from Redmond giant in 2007. Now the $3.8 billion worth company is headquartered in Florida.

Naveen Goud
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