Clop Ransomware targets maritime firm Swire Pacific Offshore

    Clop Ransomware seems to have targeted a maritime firm this time as sensitive details related to the company operations were found on the extortion site maintained by the file encrypting malware gang.

    SOS Intelligence, a Britain-based company that offers software tools to monitor Dark Web, was the first to detect the intrusion on the computer network of the Singapore-based firm that specializes in offering anchoring boats.

    Swire Pacific Offshore(SPO) is the company that is in discussion and sources say that the IT staff of the company that has a turnover of $3 billion has taken all measures to contain the spread of the malware and are in discussion with a third party security firm to investigate the incident.

    Officials from the firm that offer specialized cruise to monitor seismic activities on the seabed have notified the law enforcement and affected parties about the attack and data steal.

    Recently, CISA & FBI issued a joint statement that companies should defend against cyber attacks such as ransomware, especially the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Blackfriday.

    Otherwise, they might face severe consequences, such as shutting down their business on a permanent note.

    Note- CLOP Ransomware spreading gang speaks Russian language and is suspected to be funded by the Putin led government. It mainly infects Windows OS loaded computers by disabling Windows Defender and is found deleting Microsoft Security Essentials to maintain anonymity in disk space utilization. So far, it has mainly targeted companies operating in Switzerland, Britain, Belgium, United States, The Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Canada and Mexico and demands millions to free up an infected database from ransomware. Cybersecurity Firm Qualys, Flagstar Bank, University of California, University of Miami, Shell, Accellion software, ExecPharm, IndiaBulls, Maastricht University are some firms that have been victimized so far by CLOP.

    Naveen Goud
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