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Tenable Holdings has officially announced its acquisition of Eureka Security Inc, although the financial details remain undisclosed. Eureka Security Inc, known for its pioneering work in Data Security Posture Management for cloud environments, will play a crucial role in assisting Tenable’s customers in timely identification of cloud data risks and preemptively addressing data leaks and compromises before they escalate into incidents.

In the forthcoming weeks, the technology of Eureka Security’s Data Security Posture Management will be seamlessly integrated into Tenable Cloud Security. This integration aims to enhance Tenable’s CNAPP solution, ensuring enhanced protection for cloud workloads while streamlining the process of risk identification through automation.

In related news, Fortinet has made headlines with its acquisition of Lacework, a notable player in the cloud security sector. Lacework, having recently transitioned from startup status following substantial funding, had been on the verge of being acquired by Wiz for $200 million. However, Fortinet, a prominent Silicon Valley security vendor, swooped in, leveraging the capabilities of Lacework’s AI-powered cloud security platform to elevate its security fabric to new heights. This strategic move empowers Fortinet to offer customers seamless security solutions across both on-premise and cloud environments.

Industry observers note a trend of consolidation within the cybersecurity sector, with smaller firms and startups increasingly being absorbed by larger entities. Such acquisitions serve dual purposes: they enhance the acquiring companies’ trade capabilities while also enabling them to integrate cutting-edge technologies into their portfolios. This phenomenon, often likened to cannibalism, sees larger corporations absorbing smaller competitors, thereby gaining a competitive edge and expanding their market reach by inheriting the customer bases of the acquired entities.

Naveen Goud
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