Cloud Security startup ‘Adya’ acquired by Qualys


Qualys, the California based cloud security company has officially announced that it is going to acquire the San Francisco based cloud startup ‘Adya’ for an undisclosed amount. The objective of the deal is to use the software products of Adya to help firms of all sizes consolidate the administration of their ‘Software as a Service’(SaaS) apps through a single console.

Foster City-based Qualys says that the acquisition will help in managing license costs across SaaS apps, and will ensure security policies are at one place which eases in auditing through a single pane of glass.

Coming to the 2016 cloud security startup Adya, the firm is known to bring SaaS administration, licensing, security and compliance- all into a single management console.

Thus, after the deal, Qualys can make use of Adya products for delivering comprehensive reports for auditors and stakeholders, said Phillip Courtot, the CEO of Qualys.

“Qualys is a pioneer in making companies move to cloud-based subscription services for the last 15 years. So we are excited to be a part of a great company which will help firms scale to new heights using the benefits of Cloud Application Management Console developed by integrating Adya solutions into the Qualys Cloud Platform”, said Balakrishna, the CEO of Adya.

As per a LinkedIn resource, Adya CEO Deepak Balakrishnan will be joining the team of Qualys as a CTO for SaaS Security and Adya’s’s Co-founder and CTO Amit Agarwal will become VP Engineering, for SaaS security division, Qualys.

Naveen Goud
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