Cloud security vendor Zscaler gets sued by Symantec


Symantec is suing cloud security vendor Zscaler with a copyrights infringement lawsuit. As per our resources, Zscaler has violated seven patents of Symantec with its latest cloud security offerings. Symantec has made it official that it will further investigate its patents and will add more such lawsuit claims if necessary.

As per our sources, Symantec has accused Zscaler for infringing the its following US patent numbers 6279, 113; 7203, 959; 7246, 227; 7392,543; 7735, 116; 8181, 036; and 8661,498

Security software company Symantec has confirmed the news and said that it has the right to defend its intellectual property when the proof of infringement is readily available to them.

Zscaler is intended to stop copying Symantec pioneering technologies in network security with the lawsuit. And it has been given a 25 days time to respond to the infringement allegations of Symantec.

So far, Symantec has invested over $10 billion in R&D to provide its patrons innovative technologies related to network security. It already has a portfolio of more than 2,000 patents registered in the United States.

In recent times, Symantec partners have witnessed that the company has gone after its competition in the next generation endpoint security market. So, it expects to be more combative against its competitors in coming days.

With the latest legal allegation, Symantec wants to send a message to all its competitors that it will not tolerate any company who tries to duplicate its product portfolio.

However, industry wizards reveal that the California based company may not win this allegation as the technologies it has patented are merely trendy and the lawsuit lacked effectiveness.

Zscaler is said to issue an official press statement in this regard by this weekend. Its CEO is already working on this issue with his development and legal teams.

So, Cybersecurity Insiders will update the same story later, if necessary.

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