Cloud Startup gains $100 M funding to build secure data centers in Satellites


After exploring land and the water to build data centers, scientists are now finding ways to build secure data centers in a network of satellites operating in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). In fact, a new startup has taken a step ahead in the process by gaining a $100M funding for its Space Laser Cloud Security.

Cloud Constellation is the company in the discussion which has received a series B funding of $100M from Hong Kong-based HCH Group Company.

Cloud Constellation which made to news headlines with its SpaceBelt Data Security-as-a Service plans to launch its network of satellites and have them operational by the year 2021.

“The objective of the company in building data centers in space is to secure data for Earthbound enterprises in space from the dreaded intrusions of cyber crooks”, said Cliff Beek, CEO of Cloud Constellation.

In most cases, the cloud will be stored onboard the satellites, while in some cases only the encryption keys will be stored there while the data rests in server farms operating on earth said, Mr. Beek.

Coming to the technicalities here are some points projected in layman terms. Data leaves the earth via Radio Frequencies to conventional geosynchronous satellites. Then the data is transmitted from the geosynchronous satellites to the Spacebelt satellites owned by Cloud Constellation via radio frequencies.

When the data needs to be accessed, the path is same and is transmitted in reverse form to earth- i.e. from Spacebelt to geosynchronous satellites and then to the land.

Here the terms which had to be known to the consumers of the above-said services is that the company works within sync with the conventional geosynchronous satellite operators such as Intelsat LTD, SES SA( Paris: SESG) and Arabat. As the need to file a regulatory approval is cut down, Cloud Constellation believes that its Spacebelt will become a hit for those handling sensitive data which includes application services related to government, military, finance, and healthcare.

Initially, the cloud startup is planning to network around 8-12 satellites for its needs and the plans to scale the services based on the needs.

Naveen Goud
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