CloudPassage a Cybersecurity Distinguished Vendor

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This has been the year of cybersecurity, or one of data breaches. Depending on where you stand. In any case, it’s been a busy year for the cybersecurity industry and for companies trying to lock down their cloud security strategies.

With digital transformation in the air, more and more enterprises and organizations of all sizes are moving to the cloud and in turn expanding their overall security attack surface as well as their potential for exposure. 66% of IT professionals say security is their most significant concern in adopting an enterprise cloud computing strategy, according to CloudVision.

As cyber criminals ramp up their abilities, businesses are depending on innovative cybersecurity experts to help them protect their cloud environments. Fortunately with each passing year cybersecurity companies continue to deliver by evolving their solutions to help you understand, identify, counter and avert potential cyber threats.

This year CloudPassage becomes part of a industry collective that represents visionary technology and people in the cybersecurity industry with its designation as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual.

In its third year of publication, the 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual is designed to provide direct advisory guidance, at no cost, to the enterprise cybersecurity professional.

Their work is created to help cyber defenders more effectively deal with the technical challenges of our industry, including integrating cyber analytics across the kill chain, introducing automation to streamline security workflow, and adopting cloud infrastructure for enterprise applications and systems.

Each year, TAG Cyber publishes its 3-Volume Annual Cybersecurity Report to the community for download at no cost. Volume 1 is an Outlook for Fifty Cybersecurity Controls,Volume 2: Interviews with Industry Luminaries, includes an informative interview with CloudPassage CEO, Carson Sweet, and Volume 3 includes a comprehensive vendor list.

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