CloudPassage Halo: The security automation platform (2-minute video)

This post was originally published here by casey pechan.

Our latest CloudPassage explainer video begins by demonstrating exactly why data centers were far easier to secure compared to today’s modern day environments and infrastructures, from private or public clouds to containers. So how do you guarantee that your servers and cloud workloads are protected throughout your DevOps toolchain?

Halo alleviates some of the fundamental security pain-points in a CI/CD pipeline, including:

  • File integrity monitoring
  • Software vulnerability assessment
  • Log-based intrusion detection
  • Secure configuration assessment

Want to learn more about how CloudPassage Halo can bake security directly into your DevOps process, and give you full visibility into all workloads, data centers, private, and public clouds from one portal? Then check out the video! Then request a demo from one of our experts.


 Photo:Prepared For That


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