Company asks customers to delete credit card info after data breach

A Caribbean based company is urging its customers to delete credit card info saved onto its website after it detected a data breach on its servers. Aeropost, Inc that is into the business of logistics and e-commerce, is asking its customers to delete all card related info saved onto the company’s account, respectively.

Details about the data breach have been withheld. But on April 24th this year, Aeropost admitted via its twitter handle that cyber attack and some critical info hit its servers such as credit card details might have been accessed by hackers.

Preliminary inquires have revealed cyber criminals somehow surpassed the installed multi-level data security barrier and accessed card details.

Aeropost is asking for two things from its customers- one is to delete all the financial details from the account created on the Aerospace database. Second, it is also encouraging its customers to contact their concerned bank and cancel the cards issued by the bank if possible…, that’s interesting….isn’t it?

Florida based Aeropost servers around 38 countries in Latin America and the whole of Caribbean. It is asking its customers to monitor the transactions made through their credit card and report any discrepancies. The company is also encouraging its customers to change the password of their respective accounts.

Note 1- Aeropost has an employee count of over 1k people and generates revenue of $89 million on an annual note. If customer/s will seek more information on the breach or are interested in suing the company can approach a data breach lawyer.

Note 2- PriceSmart acquired Aeropost in the year 2018 and in October 2021 sold the company to another business firm Click to Collect Company LTD in the Bahamas. But details on whether the sale was completed or not are yet to be revealed.


Naveen Goud
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