Considering a Career in Cybersecurity? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

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Considering-a-Career-in-CybersecurityRegardless of what the economy or job market is doing, a career in cybersecurity promises near limitless possibilties. And with the current threats to cyber stability around the world, there’s never been a greater urgency for cybersecurity professionals. The latest research reveals a formidable gap in available talent — the workforce needs an influx of 2.7 million cybersecurity professionals to meet global demand.1

The data is obvious in its message. Cybersecurity is in dire need of skilled professionals and it’s costing organizations money. A recent study finds 64% experienced breaches that resulted in lost revenue and/or fines in the past year.2

A key contributor to the challenges? The difficulty finding and retaining qualified cybersecurity professionals, according to the study:

  • 60% struggle to recruit cybersecurity talent
  • 52% struggle to retain qualified people
  • 67% agree that the shortage of qualified cybersecurity candidates creates additional risks

It’s clear that opportunities in cybersecurity are out there. But how do you know if you have what it takes to succeed in the field? While there are many benefits to working in cybersecurity, including high salaries, job security and ample opportunities, it’s also a highly demanding career.

Let’s take a look at four important questions to ask yourself to help determine if a cybersecurity career is the right path for you.

1. Do I have the right skills?

Cybersecurity professionals constantly discuss and review their work with peers and leadership. They’re called to collaborate not only internally but with outside stakeholders. That’s why strong communicators thrive in cybersecurity.

You also need to bring critical thinking skills to the table every day. The ability to break down incidents and scrutinize an organization’s security posture is essential to preventing cyberattacks.

2. Do I have the right personality?

The desire to continue learning and growing will take you far in cybersecurity. You’ll always be expected to stay in front of the latest trends, technologies and challenges facing organizations.

Another important trait is persistence. In the constant cat-and-mouse game played by bad actors and cybersecurity professionals, it’s important stay the course even if you don’t achieve the results you want right away.

3. Am I ready for the fast pace?

Cybersecurity is not a field for someone looking for a predictable job. The landscape changes daily. Criminals and bad actors constantly refine their tactics to find new ways to breach or attack organizations. A strong interest in change and challenge is essential for success.

4. Do I want to help make the world a safer place?

There’s an altruistic element to working in cybersecurity. Simply put, it’s about keeping the world safe from bad actors seeking to exploit individuals and organizations for monetary gain and misplaced glory. A desire to protect people and organizations from cyber dangers is the perfect motivation to enter this field.

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2 Fortinet 2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Global Research Report


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