Critical Digital US Infrastructure to be protected by “Dark Side”


An Idaho based National laboratory has been assigned the duty to protect the critical infrastructure of the nation from the next fall at a cost of $80 million. And the news is out that the lab is on a hiring spree and is looking for all technology enthusiasts irrespective of their college degrees or the study status they hold.

Named as the “Dark Side” the facility is already buzzing with 50 workers who prefer to keep the lights low and the brightness of their computer screens dim. The aim of the facility is to protect digital systems from hackers and that includes the ones operating in the energy pipelines, hydroelectric projects, drinking water systems, and nuclear power plants across the country.

So, all those cyber crooks who try to open the valves cut power or manipulate traffic lights, you better beware. 

Scott Cramer, the chief-in-charge of the cybersecurity program says that duty to protect the digital systems has been assigned to the Idaho laboratory in tough conditions-especially amid concerns that the old infrastructure controls have been infiltrated by malicious entities of US adversaries

“This is no joke. They are vulnerabilities out there and we will sort them all”, said Mr. Cramer.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that currently, the 80,000 square feet facility called Cybercore Integration Center will start holding 20 laboratories and over 200 workers on an initial note.

Another 67K square feet building called the Collaborative Computing Center is said to house two of the world’s most powerful Supercomputers which is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Currently, the facility has an electronics lab to dismantle and examine computers, and it includes data pull from severely damaged data storage hard drives. The Lab’s Cybercore- a division of National and Homeland Security has a car-sized computer which is said to take control of US West’s power grid when an untoward situation occurs. This includes taking control of Idaho Power, known to supply electricity to over 1.2 million homes in Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Brad Bowlin, the spokesperson of Idaho Power admitted this news. However, he failed to provide new details as his company’s policy doesn’t allow him from commenting on cybersecurity efforts.

Note- High school students, middle schoolers, college students and industry veterans are all being welcomed to serve the nation through ‘Dark Side’.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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