CSPM for AWS: Monitoring Misconfigurations in IaaS


This post was originally published here by Sophia Zheng .

A common scenario we’re seeing today is companies moving their data off-premises and developing custom applications in infrastructure-as-a-service platforms (IaaS), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS.) Opting to use AWS is cheaper and more scalable than the traditional way of doing things, but the burden of securing data stored in AWS still falls on the customer. This is why cloud security posture management (CSPM) tools are becoming a necessary part of data security strategies for enterprises in every industry.

Cloud security posture management is the continuous monitoring of cloud platform account configurations. CSPM solutions ensure that your AWS account settings are compliant with industry standards, such as the CIS Benchmark, HIPAA, and PCI frameworks. Bitglass’ CSPM solution is able to detect and fix misconfigurations so that enterprises can function securely without having to worry about regulatory compliance or whether their data is safe.

Misconfigurations in AWS can take a variety of forms; for instance, when multi-factor authentication is not enabled for users. Another example would be disabling CloudTrail. Discovering S3 buckets that are public facing also constitutes a misconfiguration. Time and again, these issues allow servers to expose sensitive data that was not protected or encrypted, enabling unauthorized access and a host of other headaches for the enterprise and its data subjects.  

Fortunately, as the leading cloud access security broker (CASB), Bitglass is able to detect misconfigurations in IaaS platforms like AWS. With our CSPM solution as an integral part of our leading CASB capabilities, Bitglass is able to provide you with the analytics and information you need to ensure that your AWS accounts are protected against data breaches and leakage. We can secure access to the AWS management console and detect any sensitive data being stored in the platform, as well. Organizations can then embrace the full benefits of SaaS and IaaS offerings, which increases their overall efficiency, flexibility, and scalability – without compromising on security or compliance.

To learn about cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and how they can protect your enterprise from ransomware, data leakage, misconfigurations, and more, download the Definitive Guide to CASBs below. 


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