Customer Information leaks in LastPass Data Breach

LastPass, a password management service offering company, has disclosed that it has suffered a data breach in an attack that might be linked to the August data leak where hackers stole vital information from the servers of the said company.

Karim Toubba, the CEO of LastPass, acknowledged the news as true and added a detailed investigation was being held by the security firm Mandiant on this note and the results are yet awaited!

Going deep into the details, the breach has reportedly occurred on a third-party cloud storage serving LastPass and its subsidiary GoTo and the latest information leak was caused by from a vulnerability that got revealed to the hackers after they infiltrated the servers in August 2022.

LogMe Inc, that is the parent company, has reiterated that the criminals did not access customer passwords as they were encrypted and decryption can only take place on the device of users. And there is a high possibility that LastPass Technical info and a source code might have been stolen in the hack.

NOTE- From the year 2015 and down, the company has been involving in regular security incidents on a consistent note. Still, the business firm boasts to have an active user count of 33 million on a global note with well over 100,000 accounts related to business users. And unlike other services providers, the company offers its users a password hint when the master password gets lost.


Naveen Goud
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