Cyber Attack hits Michigan Law Exam


Michigan Law Exam was reportedly disrupted by a cyber attack, as per the press update given by the officials of the software company ‘ExamSoft’ that is managing the examination process. Reports are in that all test takers were locked out from giving the exam on Tuesday because of the sophisticated cyber attack as per the source from Bloomberg.

Nice Sandberg, the spokesperson for ExamSoft agreed that a digital attack disrupted the examination process. However, the representative said that no data was compromised in the incident and the testing process was held as per the protocol at some other time in the day with a time extension.

Because of the glitch, the phones lines of the ExamSoft jammed as many students who were about to take the exam at 10am anxiously called and inquired about the cause of the exam unavailability.

According to the Michigan Board of Law Examiners, over 700 law students were to take the examination remotely to pass out the year. And probably Michigan was the only first state to conduct the exam online due to the COVID 19 spread.

Note- Hackers are seen targeting government organizations, educational institutions and corporate networks these days on an extensive note as they find these networks as easy targets to make money. FBI has already issued an alert to all federal organizations to use treat monitoring solutions and raise their defense line to levels where hackers could not infiltrate their networks to any scale.

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