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Hackers reportedly launched a cyber attack on Jones Eye Clinic in August this year and are said to have gained access to thousands of customer’s personal information. The accessed info includes full name, address, date of birth, date of service and medical record numbers. Sources report that sensitive info of some patients like social security number, insurance status, and claims info was also revealed to hackers via the cyber attack.

The news is now out that the cyber crooks managed to access info of patients who either registered or availed services at the clinic or the surgery center between Jan 2003 to Aug 23rd, 2018. The IT staff of the healthcare services provider say that they discovered a malware attack of ransomware variant on Aug 23rd which had already encrypted the entire tier 2 database of the eye clinic. An investigation on the incident later revealed that the virus was loaded on to the computer network of the Eye clinic on August 22nd, 2018.

Coming to another news related to the cyber attack, a survey conducted by an IT company named Unisys says that one in five Americans may not show interest in voting in the midterm elections to be held in November this year. And that’s because they fear that voting systems will suffer a Cyber attack squandering their voting influence.

Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer of Unisys confirmed the study and said that 86% of respondents said that they are extremely concerned about the integrity of the voting system in this election cycle.

British Airways on Thursday released a press statement which says that an internal inquiry made by a third party has discovered that personal info of a further 185,000 customers could have been compromised in the September cyber attack experienced by its database.

The company confirmed yesterday that all the 429,000 credit card holders who made payment for the airline’s tickets between August 21st and September 5th could have been compromised by the attack.

In a shocking incident related to the cyber landscape, a hacker has posted hundreds of topless and A-rated photos of over 65 women from Sunderland, England. The photos which were meant to be private and taken on a private yacht have been appearing on WhatsApp, Twitter and in Private messages of many people located in and around London.

Northumbria Police have been pressed into service to nab the hacker and contain the spread of the private pictures.

One of the victims, a 32-year-old mother of two is said to be among those 65 women who are now facing extreme humiliation in public. The pictures were actually taken on a boat and were meant to be private.

How that extremely critical data reached the hands of the hackers is yet to be known. A source from Daily Mail says that those pictures were siphoned from an iCloud account or someone from the party could have played a trick.

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