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1.) The government of Britain has announced that it is going to sue United States-based Facial Recognition for Clearview AI Inc. for £7.5 million, as it was indulging in fraudulent activities to get user information without their prior consent.

UK’s ICO has announced an investigation on this note and revealed that Clearview got and used images of online users without their knowledge and that’s a clear breach of several privacy laws.

Estimates are in that Clearview Inc. got over 20 billion images from various resources on the internet like social media and was using it to feed its Artificial Intelligence related servers.

As such practices are unfair, Clearview will face a strict probe launched by Information Commissioner Office, said John Edwards the Chief UK’s Data Watchdog.

2.) In other news related to legal tangles, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of Facebook, is preparing for a testimony before a judge of a district court in June this year.

Zuckerberg is facing a trial regarding the now defunct company Cambridge Analytica that fraudulent misused data of FB users to target them with ads linked to the 2016 US Presidential elections won by the then President Donald Trump.

So, the case has been filed and heard in a Columbian court last week and as evidence, was proving Mr. Zuckerberg as guilty; he needs to provide his version before the court of law in the second week of next month.

3.) Anonymous Hacking Group has announced that it will launch a cyber attack on the IT infrastructure of Killnet hacking group that is working to support Kremlin and has recently launched attacks on websites running for the Italian government and institution such as law enforcement and ministry of finance.

Last Thursday, that is on May 19th,2022 Pro-Russian hackers dubbed Killnet Hacking Group launched digital attacks on 50 of Italian websites including foreign affairs, education, cultural heritage and judiciary. Their aim was to disrupt the websites and make them inoperable for days or weeks.

Early this week, an anonymous hacking group that is supporting Ukraine in its war with Moscow announced it will disrupt all the activities of Killnet within the next few days and will counter launch attacks on Russian infrastructure. In fact, it succeeded to a great extent in leaking over 360,000 files from various Russian agencies and stated that it will take down Killnet on a permanent note.


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