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The first news that is trending heavily is about Elbit Systems of America that made an official announcement that it suffered a data breach some time ago and the threat actors might release the stolen details to the web anytime.

Elbit issued a notification two Maine Attorney General’s Office about a ransomware attack that targeted its servers on June 8th of this year. And issued a clarification that it discovered the incident the same day and took measures to prevent such incidents in the future. The company cleared the air that only 390 of its customers were affected in the sophisticated malware attack, unlike 130,000 claimed by a news resource in Israel.

Second news is related to TikTok, the video sharing app that is popular worldwide. According to confirmed news sources, UK’s Information Commissioner is all set to slap the said Chinese firm with a penalty of £27 million, as it failed to protect data privacy of children aged 13 and below.

John Edwards, the Information Commissioner, confirmed the news and assure that more details will be updated to the press, as the investigation unfolds.

Third is the news related to a NullMixer malware that is being spread though malicious websites that obtain top rankings for various keywords once or twice a day. The malware is sophisticated and gets downloaded via cracks, key-generator and activators.

Kaspersky researchers found in their analysis that NullMixer has the potential to release backdoors, banking credentials, and espionage tools and is mostly targeting victims from India, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Egypt and the United States.

Coming to the 4th news, all Quad foreign Ministers of Australia, India, Japan and United States have taken a pledge that they will not allow countries indulging in cyber warfare and are committed in offering an open, secure, stable, accessible and peace-loving cyberspace to their populace, on a respective note.

Meeting on September 23rd,2022 in New York, all the Ministers collectively acknowledged ransomware as a global threat and pledged to work towards the development of a cyber infrastructure that enables Indo-Pacific economic development with utmost security.

Ukraine Military Intelligence has issued a warning that Russia will launch a massive cyber attack on the infrastructure of the country and allies; primarily Poland and Baltic countries. The Voldomyr Zelensky led nation issued an alert that Putin will first launch an attack on the energy sector and will then try to disrupt the security around the nuclear systems to trigger concerns related to nuclear warfare.

Coming to the last news, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a notification on September 14th,2022 that all payment related processors serving the healthcare sector are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The law enforcement agency mentioned three instances to prove its word credibility where more than $700,000 to $3,100,000 funds were transferred to fraudulent accounts of criminals after they took control of payment processors of three firms serving the healthcare industry.


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