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Foremost is the cyber attack that hit a third party IT service provider that operates most of the websites of government agencies related to New Zealand. And the most affected among them were the health services.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt from its sources that Te Whatu Ora-health New Zealand was targeted by threat actors resulting in a breach. And among those affected were firms related to healthcare services delivery, resulting in a delay in delivering autopsy and body scan reports.

New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched a probe on this note and is suspecting the hand of foreign state hackers.

Second is the news related to Russia’s VTB Bank that has made it official that it was suffering from a cyber attack. This comes when Kremlin was thinking to intensify the potential of cyber warfare on Ukraine as it was thinking of taking control of the entire Ukraine by January 5th of this year.

Going deep into the details, the bank’s IT servers were targeted by a DDoS attack that might have been launched by Anonymous Hacking Group or by a team of pro-Ukrainian hacktivists.

Good news is that the bank suffered a temporary downtime, but recovered from the incident via a business continuity plan.

Third is the news related to a Cyber Threat Predictions report released by renowned Cybersecurity firm McAfee. It mentioned in its report that AI propelled fake news aka misinformation will top the threat charts in the coming year and will be enriched with images, videos and voices to make it look authentic.

The firm also underlined a point as a fact that cryptocurrency related scams will rise and most of them will be related to BTC because of its high value against the US dollar.

Last but not the least is the rise in attacks on devices operating on Chrome OS such as tablets and other computing devices. As most of the malware can run android apps.


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