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Wiggle, an online sports retailer has reacted to the complaints filed by its customers about a mysterious cyberattack that took place on its website early this week. As per its probe, customers are receiving emails for orders they haven’t placed and some have received them at their doorstep leaving them clueless on what was going on.

Most of its customers were seen venting their ire via twitter about Wiggle’s fraudulent sales and delivery activities as their mailboxes were being flooded with orders made through their account mysteriously. Wiggle dot come is react to the news, but assured that a proper investigation will be done on this incident.

In other news related to Cyber Attack, US Accessory selling company titled Claire is in news for all wrong reasons as reports are that hackers have gained access to the credit card details of Claire’s as well as its business subsidiary Icing through fraudulent means.

Security researchers from the Cybersecurity firm named Sansec claim that the incident was a result of a skimming cyber-attack which has forced the company to shut down its online store from mid-June 2020. FYI, the company was also forced to shut down its physical store in 2018 due to a similar attack.

Cybersecurity Insiders have learned that such attacks often take place when hackers mimic the original website with a fake one making the users submit sensitive details like banking credentials and such. As lock-down has forced many to go online for their shopping needs, skimming cyber attacks have reportedly surged up, say experts.

Coming to the third news related to the Avon Cosmetics brand, a suspected cyberattack is said to have hit the servers of the company on June 8th, 2020. And the company has disclosed the incident to the US Securities Exchange Commission on June 9th reiterating the fact that only some of its servers were affected, impacting Corby’s distributors who were trying to access details of the new products.

Natura & Co that owns Avon has clarified in its statement that the back-end servers accessed by distributors from Brazil, Poland, Romania, Argentina, and UK were deeply impacted in the attack.

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