Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Zacks Investment is the first firm that has hit the headlines of Google regarding data compromise and sources add that a single hack that took place between 2021 and 2022 result in the leak of information belonging to 820,000 customers.

The company made an official announcement on this note and added that its security staff found the digital invasion on December 28th of 2022 and details such as phone numbers, addresses names, email addresses and passwords stored on an older database and those using Elite Products could have been affected.

Second is the news related to renowned game developer Riot Games. A cyber attack that appears to be a ransomware attack conducted through social engineering tactics has reportedly made hackers steal the source code of the game developer. And the gaming firm assured that information related to players was not compromised in the incident.

Third is the news that belongs to a Canadian car spare parts manufacturer named Exco Technologies. The company stated that the attack led to the disruption of production in three of its production facilities and assured that the digital attack did not disrupt the shipments that are being served to customers.

FanDuel is the company that has hit the news headlines of Google and so has bagged the fourth position on this list. The company that is into the business of online gambling and fantasy sports has confirmed that names and mail addresses of some or most of its customers could have been accessed by hackers because of a vulnerability in its MailChimp servers. Employee credentials were first stolen before the incident, after which the attack to steal contact details of customers took place.

Fifth is the news that belongs to Hollywood singer Taylor Swift as Ticketmaster has issued an apology to the female singer during the US Senate hearing for failing to protect its servers from being bombarded with fake web traffic during the star’s Eras Tour, resulting in unnecessary chaos.

Live Nation the owner of the Ticketmaster apologized for the digital blunder and assured to prevent all such incidents in the future by taking appropriate security measures.

Security researchers from BitDefender Labs have issued a warning that hackers can start exploiting the vulnerabilities visible on Server-Side Request Forgeries(SSRF) witnessed in Microsoft Exchange Servers. In such attacks, hackers sends request from one vulnerable to other server and get access to information that is not directly accessible to them.

The technology giant has announced that it issued fixes to two of the exploit chains, i.e. ProxyNotShell and OWASSRF in December last year and is urging customers of its Exchange Servers to stay updated.


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