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Colorado-based Regis University has reported that a cyberattack on its digital assets has led to the shut down of internet on the entire campus since Tuesday last week. And a source from the campus reports that the email accounts of the University staff and students, online programs, and class schedules remain still inaccessible.

Regis University WebAdvisor which is used for class registration and some payments also remained offline due to the internet shutdown. College authorities are unsure when the official website will be back to operations on a full scale.

In other news which is related to cyberattack, servers at the lake county are reported to be reigning under cyber attack resulting in shut down of email service and emergency communication mediums. Though the communication mediums were partially restored by Saturday, most of the internet application is said to be facing a total shutdown.

A source from Lake County reports that a network of computers was disrupted by ransomware where hackers were demanding a huge sum to do the clean up of the malware.

“The technical staff is said to have managed to revived over 3000 laptops from ransomware on an individual note”, says Mark Pearman, the IT director of Lake County.

Work is under progress to clear the malware from over 40 lake county servers added Mr. Pearman.

Cybersecurity Company ‘CrowdStrike’ has been pressed into service to probe the matter further.

Coming to the third news related to Cyber Attack, more than a third of Australian connected homes are reported to vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. This conclusion was given by Schneider Electric which also sinisterly ticked on the benefits adhered by digitization.

The study made by the France based energy management firm says that some OEM is finding it hard to deliver smart devices under affordable rates. And this is forcing them to include features related to Cybersecurity in their products to cut down manufacturing costs and increase their profit scales.

Gary Williams, the Senior Director of Cybersecurity felt that the laxity of device makers in providing security features in devices like router, printers, Wi-Fi’s, CCTV cameras could lead to big trouble like hacking taking control of devices to launch cyber attacks.

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