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Mint Mobile, an American Mobile Carrier stated it has become a victim of a cyber attack early last month that ended in a data breach affecting a larger section of its customers. And Prima facie reveals that the hacker somehow infiltrated the database and used special software to port several customer mobile numbers to another mobile carrier.

Highly placed sources say that the attack could be the work of a hackers group who were paid to indulge in the data breach and number porting activity by another mobile carrier.

An internal email circulating among the Mint Mobile staff and few of the customers states that the breach took place between June 8th, 2021 and June 11th, 2021 on a small portion of the carrier’s subscriber base. And as the activity was conducted fraudulently, the mobile number portability requests will be treated as void and serious action will be taken against the perpetrators.

Coming to the second news, the UK’s Treasury Department released a press update yesterday stating that pin rests wiped data on over 100 mobile phones belonging to the staff working for the treasury department in whole of last year.

Going deep into the details, it has been learnt that the mobile phones were forced to wipe out all the data stored on them as those using them entered wrong pin for over 6 times.

According to the press release made in compliance to the Freedom of Information (FOI) act, the IT staff made a reset to almost 117 of 2100 mobile phones in the year 2020.

“So, all stored contacts, texts, any files stored on the devices might have been lost,” says Tom Scholar, the Permanent Secretary of UK Parliament.

Third, as most of the international media sources are speculating about a possible cyber attack on Saturday last week on the Iran’s Transport and Urbanization Ministry.

Sadegh Sekri, of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, stated that all those news stories were false and denied having any disruptions on its network.

However, several of the populace who were using the rail commute confirmed a disruption in a network as they witnessed many train delays, ticket cancellations and tracking of train failures because of the digital disruption.

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