Cyber Attack on Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Cyber Attack news is out that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission shortly known as ASIC was hit by a digital attack on January 15th of 2021. However, no data exfiltration was witnessed in the disruption.

ASIC server that was hit by a cyber attack has been quarantined and a detailed investigation has been launched on the incident.

Prima facie has revealed that hackers gained access to a server that was serving Australian Credit License applications through Accellion software- a California based company that provides file sharing software.

The highlight of the attack is that the same software i.e. Accellion paved way to hackers making way for them into the computer network of New Zealand’s Central Bank in the first week of this month.

Note 1- Founded: in 1998, ASIC is empowered to regulate businesses and financial services that help protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors. The commission has a list of companies registered on its database and keeps a tab of all associations, foreign investments, and other issues about the non-registered entities.

Note 2- Cyber Attacks on IT Infrastructure operating in Australia is not new. In fact, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued a warning against such digital invasions in October 2020 and pointed the suspicion finger at Russia and China. He also warned companies to up their defense-line against cyber attacks from adversaries. And stated that the government will do its best in supporting the businesses in this endeavor.

Naveen Goud
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