Cyber Attack on Canada Foreign Affairs department


Canada’s Global Affairs department has suffered a cyber attack that disrupted its operations to the core and information is out that Russia is being suspected behind the attack.

Office of the CIO and Shared Services Canada issued a formal statement that the digital disruption of several government websites was caused because of a cyber attack that was detected on January 19th, 2022. And there is a high probability that the critical IT infrastructure, such as the power sector operating in the region, could be the next target.

As Canada is backing Ukraine in the war of it with Russia, the consequences could be as suggested by experts.

IT staff of Global Affairs Canada is working round the clock to mitigate the risks associated with the attack and Melanie Joly led Foreign Affairs ministry is all set to escalate the issue on an international note after the conclusion of the probe.

Usually, cyber threats emerge from known or newly discovered vulnerabilities that are exploited from months by the state funded actors to access info and to take control of the servers if/when required.

Russia, on the other hand, has stayed mute over the claims as its busy holding mock war drills near the border shared with Ukraine, as it doesn’t want NATO to allow Ukraine to join its agreement.

Note- US Department of Homeland Security has issued a press statement that Washington’s sweet relationship with Ukraine might trigger Russia to wage a cyber war against the country’s critical infrastructure in the coming few weeks.

Naveen Goud
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