Cyber Attack on Cloud Computing Company makes France news websites go dark


A Cyber Attack launched by some state-sponsored hackers on a Portland-based Cloud Computing Company named Cedexis resulted in a bunch of news websites going dark. And as per Bloomberg, the knocked off news sites were most popular in France and had a very good reader base and bounce rate.

The hack took place at 7 am Pacific Time on the Cedexis Infrastructure being hosted in a US Data Center in the form of a DDoS attack. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a form of cyber attack where servers hosting critical data and applications are bombarded with fake traffic.

Cedexis confirmed that the attack caused a partial but widespread outage affecting its premium customers from France and the service provider is still busy in restoring and mitigating the risks.

According to a Bloomberg update, Magazine L’Obs, French Newspapers Le Monde, and LeFigaro remained most affected in this DDoS attack which was coordinated from multiple sources.
And as per our sources of Cybersecurity Insiders, more than 13 websites related to manufacturing companies of France were also down due to the attack.

What’s more astonishing about this attack is that it came just after the conclusion of France elections and at the time when the media was screeching of a possible cyber attack on the election campaign of France President Emmanuel Macron’s

Law enforcement forces have been pressed into service and Cedexis is confident that it will find the root cause of this attack soon.

Note- Cedexis is a 2009 founded company which optimizes web performance across data centers, cloud infrastructures and Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Its basic objective is to ensure 100% availability along with buffer free IP video along with faster downloads. Cedexis wants to extend its reach to global markets in coming years. Its customer base includes companies such as Airbus, Air France, Accor, Bloomberg, Comcast, LinkedIn, Lenovo, Kingsoft, Michelin, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nissan, Shutterstock, Tumbler, Skynews, and Xbox,

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