Cyber Attack on European Power Grid and Radio com


As the world is struggling to contain the spread of Coronavirus, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity(ENTSO-E) says that it has become a victim of a cyber-attack recently that impacted its operations at the office network.

FYI, ENTSO-E is a transmission operator for almost 43 electric stations and a cyber-attack of any range could result in a complete blackout. However, the good news is that the incident did not infect any systems from the operational transmission network and the repercussions were technologically contained before the situation deteriorated.

“A risk assessment has been carried out and risk of impact on any further attack has been reduced by further attacks”, said ENTSO-E in a statement released yesterday.

Claire Camus, who is a spokesperson for ENTSO-E has declined to comment further on the incident quoting personal reasons.

Sweden’s Transmission System Operator(TSO) Svenska Kraftnat has been pressed into service to investigate the impact of the incident and the data breach.

Due to the cyber attack, Fingrid, the TSO of Finland has announced that there could be a delay in the launch of its Energy Identification Codes.

In the past 2 years, there has been n number of incidents targeting the critical infrastructure providers such as power grids and water utilities. And the objective of the hackers in such attacks is to cause economic, political and national instability.

Meanwhile, Entercom which happens to be America’s second-largest radio company has announced that a cyberattack launched on domain has led to a data breach of information related to customers. The accessed data includes social security numbers, driving license numbers and login credentials.

It’s revealed that a threat actor somehow gained access to the cloud database holding the backed up data and that could have led to a data breach.

A 12 months complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services are being offered to the affected users by Entercom.

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