Cyber Attack on Football Club Manchester United

Manchester United, probably the 3rd world’s richest football clubs, has announced that it has become a victim to a sophisticated cyber attack last week. But assured that the no personal information was accessed by the hackers in the incident and added that the IT staff were working all day to restore the systems back to normalcy.

As per the official update given to the media, the official website of Manchester United, mobile app and the streaming media were not affected. And a security review promoted that none of the match day servers were impacted by the attack.

Manchester United’s spokesperson stated that the club’s Cybersecurity measures seem to have paid off as the hackers just break into the network, but were blocked on time before anything big could have taken place.

Note 1- The match that was scheduled against West Bromwich Albion at the Old Trafford Stadium will be held as per the announcement made early this month.

Note 2- After Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Manchester United is the richest football clubs with a valuation of $3.8 Billion.

Note 3- All those football enthusiasts who have logged into the Manchester website or app recently are being urged to change their passwords on an immediate note.

Note 4- In June this year, NCSC, a cyber arm of GCHQ requested all the fans of major football clubs to change their login passwords related to all official football match streaming websites as some hackers launched a cyber attack on an AWS platform to steal credentials of all popular streaming football matches.

Note 5- In what is known to Cybersecurity Insiders, the cyber attack launched on Manchester United is of a ransomware genre.

Naveen Goud
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