Cyber Attack on France Beijer Ref

Beijer Ref, a technology based trading group offering refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, has reportedly become a victim a cyber attack, costing a business loss estimated to be around €2.4 million.

Although the attack details are not officially out, the company COO and Vice President of EMEA division, Simon Karlin, has confirmed the incident and assured that no data was compromised in the attack.

Mr. Karlin made the details official as soon as the CEO Per Bertland announced the loss at the presentation held yesterday disclosing the Q3 financial results.

Information is out that only the France division of Beijer Ref was affected by the cyber attack and so most of the critical systems including those belonging to manufacturing will shut down for a week or so.

Cyber Attack on Beijer Ref is said to have caused a critical outage to the systems approximately affecting €2.4 million in lower sales and €770,000 in lower profits.

All precautions to avoid such attacks in near future are being taken as adequate Cybersecurity measures are been put in place in consultation with forensic experts, says Per Bertland.

Note 1- Unconfirmed sources say that the attack was of ransomware genre where many of the databases were locked from access until a ransom is paid. However, no official word has been made on this note and so as of now, Beijer Ref’s France division is hit by a file encrypting malware is mere speculation.

Note 2- Those spreading ransomware are seen stealing files and then encrypting the database.

Naveen Goud
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