Cyber Attack on Israel water system

After experiencing an intense cyber attack in April this year, the Water Authority of Israel says that the country’s water management facilities suffered two more cyber incidents in June this year taking the total tally of attacks to 3 on an overall note.

By god’s grace, the two new cyberattacks that took place last month were neutralized in time and did not cause much of the damage to the public utility systems.

Specifically speaking, the 1st cyberattack was launched on the agricultural water pumps assisting drain systems in upper Galilee, while the second one took place on the water pumps laid in the central province of Mateh Yehuda.

Highly placed sources from the water authority of Israel state that the hackers tried to modify the chlorine induction levels facilitated into the reservoirs. And that could have caused poisoning of water that when consumed by the populace could have led to troubles such as indigestion, diarrhea, intestinal issues, and death in rare cases.

Israel National Cyber Directorate and the Water Authority have urged the water department officials to change all their passwords connected to the internet and the tools related to the chlorine control devices.

Earlier when the attack targeted the facility in April, Iran was suspected to be behind the attack and in retaliation, the cyber arm of the US in association with the law enforcement of Israel targeted the Shahid Rajaei Port of Iran crippling the business for many days.

Naveen Goud
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