Cyber Attack on password manager ‘OneLogin’ makes data compromised

All those who are using the OneLogin password manager for your web services needs are hereby informed that the said service experienced a cyber attack recently and the data of more than 2K+ enterprise customers in more than 44 countries has been compromised.

The password manager company has already pressed its security staff onto duty and is busy in analyzing the impact. Meanwhile, the company chose to email all its customers to warn them about the data breach and to issue a certain set of security guidelines.

The email sent to customers by OneLogin says that the data in one of their US data centers was compromised due to a cyber attack and all the sites and apps that use the service could be compromised.

Note- More than 30 web services providers which include Microsoft Office 365, Google Analytics, LinkedIn and Slack allow customers to login into their platforms via OneLogin.

Onelogin has blocked the unauthorized access and has reported the matter to the law enforcement.

The company restricted itself in divulging more info about the leak due to legal issues but said that it will do everything to prevent such data breaches in near future.

Now, all those who think they are affected can just register themselves on the support page of OneLogin. The company has also advised its customers to generate new passwords and security credentials for services that use the sign-on service.

So, was this attack linked to WannaCry ransomware attack which targeted more than 200,000….?

A source from OneLogin based on the interest of anonymity said that the data breach as nothing to do with last month’s WannaCry Ransomware attack.

NOTE- One login offers a single sign-on service and identity management for cloud-based applications. The company which was founded in 2009 is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is backed by ventured firms such as Charles River, The Social+ Capital Partnership, and Scale Venture Partners.

Naveen Goud
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