Cyber Attack on UK Defence Academy


A Cyber Attack that took place on UK’s Defence Academy early last year was brought to light by Air Marshall Edward Stringer through an interview given to Sky News. The Former Director of the academy stated that the attack went unnoticed by the media as it was not given priority as its consequences were not severe.

However, Stringer felt that the attack proved super-sophisticated to the staff dealing with the aftermath of consequences, thus spending immense time and money to recover from the incident.

Revealing it for the first time in an interview to Sky News, Stringer stated that attack that took place in March 2021 prompted the officials of the Defense academy to rework on the security plans to rebuild a network that was more resilient.

NCSC, an active cyber arm of GCHQ was informed about the incident and an investigation was launched in April 2021.

“It could be a state funded GCHQ, or something like that and the recovery is still in process,” added Stringer.

Since no classical info was being stored on the academic server’s, Sky News assured that the attack did not lead to a data breach.

Nearly 28k military subjects, civil servants and diplomats go through the training every year in the Oxfordshire based Defence Academy. And hackers could have accessed the network to sniff any backdoors, leading them to other networks linked to the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Note- UK Defence Academy acts as a bridging tool to the institute and the other educational institutions serving military and naval services worldwide.

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