Cyber Attack on Wipro helps hackers launch advanced Phishing attacks

KrebsOnSecurity, a research source which operates against cybercrime and run by investigative reporter Brian Krebs has disclosed that a network breach at India’s IT outsourcing giant Wipro has targeted some of the company clients through advanced phishing attacks.

News is out that some hackers managed to intercept the servers operating at the Bengaluru based Wipro branch of India impacting a handful of the company’s clients for a period of 4-8 months.

Wipro confirmed the news and added that it’s IT staff have detected and contained the incident which was caused by a phishing campaign. However, the spokesperson denied accepting the news that the network breach was taking place for several months.

Reporting the fourth quarter results of Wipro, BM Bhanumurthy, the Chief Operating Officer confirmed that few of the company customers were impacted by the incident.

But the situation is under control and coordination between Chief Information Security Officer at Wipro if proving beneficial said Bhanumurthy in a statement released on Tuesday.

Note 1- Phishing attacks are usually launched in the form of emails sent by fraudsters who try to mimic trusted sources making the victims enter personal information such as passwords, bank credentials, personal details such as DOB. In some cases, they can send email links which often land up the victims onto fake web pages tricking them to enter confidential data.

Krebs said in its statement that the compromise of Wipro systems has impacted at least a dozen customers systems of Wipro. The revelation of names of the victims was held back due to obvious reasons.

A forensic team has been assigned with the task of probing the incident and in the meantime, Wipro has requested its staff to re-audit the security posture of its entire IT environment within two days.

More details are awaited!

Note 2- Wipro stepped into the IT field in the year 1980 and has now turned into an Indian multinational corporation running IT consulting and business outsourcing services across 11 nations.

Naveen Goud
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