Cyber Security company FireEye offers a new range of cloud security tools!


FireEye, Inc. a Milpitas-based Cybersecurity Business has launched a new range of cloud security services that aim to improve the current capabilities of the company’s enterprise threat detection tools. The new Cloud MVX and MVX Smart Grid are the two new network security tools which help in delivering the most intelligent threat detection available via public, hybrid or public cloud.

Founded in the year 2004 by Ashar Aziz, FireEye’s Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engines are tools that simplify security for large, distributed enterprises and mid-market enterprises at a very low cost. This can be achieved with MVX engines allowing only suspect files to be tested in a virtual machine environment. Thus, this technique allows businesses to capture the behavior and context of suspicious files and helps them to quarantine them in advance.

The availability of new tools allows organizations to expand protection and helps them to integrate with FireEye TAP and HX with the Cloud MVX. This offers third party alert validation and presents to users an exuberant endpoint cyber security experience.

FireEye’s iSIGHT Intelligence, a new intelligence delivery model was also introduced to the cloud security world on the same launch pad. iSIGHT Intelligence allows users to get simple actionable intelligence across all categories of threats through five distinct role-based subscriptions. In this model, machine learning and analytics capabilities can be achieved through MV engine which helps in delivering automated threat detection and blocking.  

Coming to availability, FireEye MVX Smart Grid and iSIGHT Intelligence will be available from now. And CloudMVX will be released later this month.

When it comes to FireEye’s achievements in its business vertical, the California based network security provider was called to investigate high-profile attacks against Target, JP Morgan Chase, Sony Pictures, Anthem and Others.

Delloitte has also attributed FireEye as the fastest growing cyber security firms in this year.


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