Cyber Storm in the United States


The Department of Homeland Security’s cyber arm Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) stated early this week it launched a mock drill to check the potential of its critical infrastructure in thwarting cyber attacks.

Held on an annual note since 2006, and referred as ‘Cyber Storm’, the event that has over 2000 participants from federal, state and local entities along with some private companies. The aim is to estimate the preparedness of the nation’s critical systems towards cyber attacks and to examine incident response processes, procedures and information sharing.

Security experts from CISA say that the simulated attack mimicked the real-time attacks that were being launched by the cyber adversaries of the Trump led nation and was also a preparation held to check the integrity of the election security.

“As we are connected than ever, our nation is facing some extreme cyber attacks from adversaries. So, mock drills like Cyber Storm will help the nation on how well-prepared it is in facing the worst”, said Brian Harrell, the Director for Infrastructure Security, CISA.

Note 1- The 2020 US President Elections are scheduled to be held on November 3, 2020 i.e. Tuesday and the ballot battle is said to take place between the Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden along with their Vice Presidential Candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris on a respective note.

Note 2- According to a Jan’17 report compiled by FBI and CIA on a joint note, the US 2016 polls were influenced by a foreign country’s cyber invasion that eventually went in the favor of Donald Trump. But as the political dynamics have turned negative now, Trump administration feels that the 2020 US election results might also be influenced by a foreign nation that wants the current US President Donald Trump to lose the polls at any cost……..election results are now in the hands of cyber tools held by some nations rather than the US voters….how strange, isn’t it?

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