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AT&T Acknowledges Data Breach

AT&T, one of America’s leading telecom brands, has confessed to a significant data breach, revealing that sensitive information pertaining to millions of customers has been leaked onto the dark web. This breach has raised concerns about potential identity theft and other cyber-crimes among affected customers, prompting the company to take swift action.

The leaked data includes alarming details such as social security numbers, which have been accessible on the dark web for an extended period. As a precautionary measure, AT&T has decided to reset all customer passcodes, typically 4-to-6-digit pins used for accessing account information via phone calls and in-store verifications.

Sophistication in Cyber Attacks Concerns 95% IT Leaders

A report by Keeper Security researchers highlights the growing concern among IT leaders regarding the sophistication and innovation observed in modern cyber attacks. Over 95% of IT leaders surveyed expressed the view that these evolving threats, often powered by AI technology, pose significant challenges to IT staff and render many outdated networks highly vulnerable to digital assaults.

The report identifies emerging threats such as deepfake technology, cloud jacking, IoT attacks, 5G network exploits, and fileless attacks, all of which are expected to escalate in the next 2-3 years and potentially pose a national security threat if left unchecked.

Saudi Arabia and UAE most Targeted by APT Groups

According to a report by Positive Technologies, networks operating in Saudi Arabia and the UAE have become prime targets for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups. Over the past two years, 16 different APT groups have been observed targeting various sectors in the Middle East, including manufacturing, government organizations, and the power sector, with the goal of gathering intelligence and potentially passing it on to adversaries.

These APT threat groups, comprised of highly skilled individuals, are employed by countries like China, Russia, and North Korea to conduct surveillance, transmit data to foreign servers, and disrupt the networks of adversaries.

Over 17 Billion Records Compromised in 2023

The Flashpoint 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report reveals that 2023 witnessed the com-promise of over 17 billion records through 6,077 publicly disclosed breaches. This staggering figure, though preliminary, could escalate further when considering incidents that have gone unreported.

Among the breached data were sensitive details such as names, social security numbers, and financial information, leaving victims vulnerable to threats like phishing. Ransomware attacks, in particular, stood out, with hackers exploiting compromised data for financial gain through either selling it or coercing victims into paying ransoms.

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