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1.) Cloud Storage vendor Dropbox suffered a business drawback last week when security researchers participating at the ‘HackerOne’ bug hunt program in Singapore discovered over 264 vulnerabilities on its data storage platform.

According to those familiar with the news from the company, the data storage firm had already been alerted by its internal engineers about the security flaw and a fix is about to be applied to the servers in coming days.

Dropbox which recently acquired digital workflow company HelloSign has released an official statement last week saying that it will take all precautionary measures to curb such flaws before they get revealed to the world. It also thanked all the bug researchers who participated in its $3, 19,300 investment program for reviewing the security flaws on its cloud storage platform.

2.) In another news related to cybersecurity breach, Georgia Institute of Technology has made it official that a hacker/s could have infiltrated into its network last month and could have stolen critical info of up to 1.3 million people including staff, students, faculty and University applicants. The siphoned data includes social security numbers and DOB along with names and addresses.

News is out that the cyber crook made entry into the network via a web application related to Georgia Tech which came to the notice of the IT staff in March last week.

“Those whose data has been exposed in the incident will be formally informed about the incident via email”, says the US Department of Education and University System of Georgia.

3.) Coming to the third news which is trending now on Google is a cyber attack on Japan-based Optical product manufacturer named Hoya Corporation. As per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, the company suffered a major cyber attack in Feb’19 impacting the network for several days. And it’s reported that during this incident that hacker managed to induce crypto mining malware into the servers after stealing in the user IDs and Passwords of more than 100 staff members.

Hoya Corporation which has annual revenue of over $4.1 Billion states that its staff was witnessing slow down of servers and use of software that created orders from March 1st this year. And when the industrial output dropped to more than 40% a detailed inquiry was launched on this issue which later revealed that all servers operating in Thailand were reigning under the attack of cryptocurrency mining malware.

More details related to the cybercrime and the cost estimate of loss is yet to be known.

4.) Fourthly, reports are in that hackers managed to divert nearly $500,000 from the account related to the employee payroll of city of Tallahassee. And the Human Resource department suspects the hand of a foreign nation in this cyber incident.

Alsion Faris, the city spokesperson confirmed the news and said that attack took place on the servers related to a 3rd part who hosts data related to the city’s payroll services. The law enforcement is reported to have recovered more than 25% of the diverted funds so far and discovered that the attack was launched via a Phishing email sent to one of the senior employees.

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