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First its Akamai Technologies that hit the news headlines for acquiring Israel-based startup Guardicore. The Massachusetts based company has made it official that it has acquired Cloud based Network Segmentation Company Guardicore for a price of $600 million.

Guardicore offers a software based tool that limits apps from communicating with each other in cloud. Thus, it helps block ransomware attacks spreading from one app to other.

After purchasing the company, Akamai Technologies is planning to beef up its cloud offerings and assist businesses in combating ransomware attacks.

In other news related to acquisition, HUB Security has announced that it is going to buy data security firm Comsec for $20 million that will be paid in half cash and shares. Israel-based tech startup Hub Security that offers military grade encryption for commercial data storage needs has announced that it is planning to complete the deal by March next year and is planning to deepen its business strength in security on a global note.

The 1987 founded company Comsec that pioneers itself in the business of data security is happy to join the board of Hub, having over 400 employees based in offices in Israel and United States.

Third is the news related to US tech companies showing more interest in buying other businesses through their highly expensive shares. It has been observed in the last three years that most US deals in tech sector were concluded using stocks and very less cash.

According to the data provided by Refinitiv, almost six mega deals that took place in between 2016 to 2021 were done through stocks and this includes AMDs $35 billion acquisition of Xilinx Inc and Salesforce agreement to buy Slack Technologies for $27.7 billion.

Trade analysts state that the popularity of purchasing companies by pledging stocks is because of their soaring valuations in the deal making sector that benefits the buyer in all ways- although half of the investments are nowadays slowly diverting to digital currency related trading like BTC and Monero trading.

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