Cybersecurity related Google Trends of 2020


The corona filled bitter year 2020 is gone and the new year 2021 has arrived and let’s hope it brings in joy, good health and prosperity to all forever.

Coming to the different Cybersecurity related topics that trended in 2020 are as follows-

Ransomware- Ransomware removal, ransomware decryptor, Ransomware protection, Ransomware attack 2020, Garmin Ransomware, Cognizant Ransomware, Honda Ransomware attack, Egregor Ransomware, Tyler Technologies Ransomware, Canon Ransomware, Finastra Ransomware, Lockbit Ransomware, Ryuk Ransomware Attack, Snake Ransomware, Maze Ransomware and Blackbaud Ransomware.

Data Security- Data Security Jobs, data security threats, data security and privacy, data security management, Payment card Industry Data Security Standard, Data Security Compliance, Symantec Data Center Security, Data Security Systems, Data Security Software.

Cyber Attack- Cyber Attack on WhatsApp, Cyber Attack on Lupin, Cyber Attack Types, UHS Cyber Attack, Hospital Cyber Attack, Honda Cyber Attack, Russian Cyber Attack on US, Americold Cyber Attack, HHS Cyber Attack, Betonline Cyber Attack, Cyber Attack COD, T Mobile Cyber Attack, Iranian Cyber Attack, Australia Cyber Attack,

Cyber Threat- Top 5 Cyber Threats, Cyber Threats of 2020, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Threat Indicators, Cyber Threat Alliance, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Threat Map, United States Cyber Command, Whaling, Cyber Terrorism,

Information Security- Information Security Salary, Information Security Jobs, Information Security Certification, Information Security Courses, Information security vs cyber security,

Note- These were the topics that trended the most on Google last year. And out of them what is cyber security, and the meaning of ransomware trended throughout the year, mostly when the healthcare firms like those involved in COVID-19 vaccine research were hit by the malware related cyber attacks.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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