Data Breach at Sangoma Technologies because of Ransomware Attack

Sangoma Technologies, a Canadian firm dealing in VOIP Services, has announced that hackers stole some of its critical information after launching a ransomware attack on the firm’s database.

The data communications provider announced the details of the cyber incident after the threat actors posted the stolen information belonging to the company on the eve of Christmas 2020.

As a precautionary measure, the company has hired third party experts to investigate the incident and check the extent of the digital damage. The company also shut some of its operational servers to contain the malware spread.

Sangoma confirmed in its latest twitter update that some accounts pertaining to its customers were compromised and is urging its users to change their passwords on an immediate note.

“We are committed in securing and protecting the data of customers, partners and employees and will stand by this aim forever”, said Bill Wignall, President and CEO of Sangoma.

NOTE 1- Unconfirmed sources say that Sangoma technologies servers were hit by CONTI Ransomware. However, an official conformation is awaited on this note!

NOTE 2- Ransomware is a kind of malware that encrypts a database until a ransom is paid to hackers through cryptocurrency.

NOTE 3- Founded in 1984, Sangoma Technologies Corporation offers hardware and software related to Voice, Data and Video Products. It later emerged as a cloud based VOIP services provider after acquiring businesses like VOIP Innovations LLC and .e4 LLC.

NOTE 4- Sangoma customers who are concerned about the data breach can contact the company via email ID sangoma-security@sangoma dot com

Naveen Goud
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