Data Breach of Victorian Populace in Australia taken seriously


Data of Australian Victorian Populace appears to be exposed, as a technology company managing and serving was infiltrated by hackers on Wednesday last week. PNORS Technology Group, is the company that witnessed a compromise of its computer network recently, apparently spilling sensitive details to hackers.

PNORS owns about 5-companies and information is out that hackers launched a cyber attack on two of its companies- Netway Networks and Datatime Services on November 2nd -3rd of this year.

As the latter deals with Digi-document management and the former serves as management IT services provider, the damage seems to be more than expected.

Paul Gallo, the CEO of PNORS, acknowledged the news as true and assured that it will reveal more details after a thorough investigation gets concluded.

On Sunday last week, criminals leaked some information to prove that they are in hold of sensitive details gained from the hack and the threat actors targeted Department of Education and Training in Victoria (one among the victims) and are threatening to sell the details of a health questionnaire on the dark web if their demands aren’t met.

NOTE- The questionnaire contains a link to database where personal information of primary school students, including their drug abuse history, development and behavioral issues and their family alcohol details, were recorded along with their demographics.

Victorian populace data breach comes just within weeks after the revelation of Optus, SingTel and Medibank data breach.

So, the government seems to have taken a serious note of the situation and launched a national level formal inquiry with a specialized team of forensic security experts.


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