Data Breach on Servers of Cleartrip of Flipkart

Cleartrip owned by Flipkart experienced an information security data breach as few of its servers experienced a cyber attack, resulting in the data leak of customer’s sensitive information. The IT sources of the company that offer travel-related services have provided a media update stating the matter is still under investigation and assured that it will take all appropriate measures to avoid such cyber incidents in the future.

Although the email sent to ClearTrip customers mentioned some details about data breach, it also underlined a fact that threat hackers accessed no personal or sensitive information.

Currently, the travel major is unsure cyber criminals accessed what type of details and announced that it will take legal action against the data perpetrators.

Cleartrip was solo in business until the Corona Virus pandemic hit the company. In April 2021, Walmart owned Flipkart acquired the business as it could not recover from the global air travel shutdown losses.

NOTE 1- Founded in the year 2006, ClearTrip witnessed a fair amount of profit in business till next few years. However, because of hefty competition, the travel major did not witness a stable business growth from 2013. And COVID-19 initiated global shut down added to its vows as they hit a major blow to business, sending it into distress sale. At this juncture, Flipkart acquired the business for $40 billion and then promoted it as its sister company.

NOTE 2- In the January 2017, a hacking gang named Turtle Squad struck the web portal of ClearTrip leading to a major data breach after defacement. Very much recently, the website was again digitally assaulted because of a cyber war taken up by a hackers group against Indian government and private websites- all because of a controversy raised by the comments of Nupur Sharma, the EX BJP Governments National Spokesperson.


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