Data Wiping malware hits Ukraine’s Critical Infrastructure

    Data Wiping malware has hit most of the critical websites operating in Ukraine and reports are in that the country is finding it difficult to manage such hybrid warfare tactics launched by the Putin led nation.

    On one hand, the Russian military forces are busy taking control of Kyiv and on the other highly placed sources confirm that a cyber units run by Russian Intelligence have invaded the digital infrastructure of critical utilities in the region to plan Wiper Malware that has the capabilities to clean up all data files.

    Security researchers from Symantec have confirmed the news and claimed that 100’s of systems operating in several organizations across Kiev were infected by Hermetic Wiper malware pulling down several websites offline.

    Interestingly, Symantec analysts confirmed their research that the malware took down the systems from Wednesday evening, just a few hours away from the first bombing attack on Ukraine, i.e. 3:30 am on Thursday. However, the analysis further confirmed that the malicious software infiltrated the systems in the last week of December last year.

    NetBlocks, a data governance organization that monitors the internet issued a press statement that the websites of Ukraine’s foreign Ministry, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, and some websites owned by the Ministers of the Cabinet were affected by a Ddos attack resulting in deep-down disruption, that only can be restored after the war.

    What’s more concerning is the fact that a web- resource from Russia distributed fake news on the web (via Twitter and other social media platforms) that Moscow has already taken control of Ukraine’s government websites early this month and the physical war was launched just to show the world that the Putin led nation has the dictating power over Ukraine both physically and digitally.

    Note 1- Vladimir Putin has reinstated in its latest media statement that he just wants to take control of the military of Ukraine and has no interest in causing discomfort to the populace. But why is the blood shed still happening, Mr. President?

    Note 2- White House under the leadership of President Joe Biden has decided to wage a cyber war on Russian Infrastructure in a few hours’ time.



    Naveen Goud
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