DDoS Cyber Attack downs internet in North Korea

A distributed denial of service attack, fondly known as DDoS, has reportedly hit North Korea in early hours of Wednesday, bringing down whole of the connectivity to a near halt. South Korea launched the attack in retaliation for the Kim Jong Un’s fifth missile test conducted a few days ago.

“Nearly all the web and email services in the said nation were shut down by the deluge of web traffic that hit the servers all at once,” said Mr. Junaid Ali, an independent security research from Britain.

Situation deteriorated by yesterday afternoon as none of the outside IP address trying to connect to the central servers in North Korea could do their job on a perfect note.

As internet access and media publishing are strictly monitored by the government agencies, it seems to be unclear the impact of the digital damage.

However, NK Pro, a news website operating from Seoul, South Korea reported that the attack might have affected over 25 million people in North Korea as the main Domain Name System(DNS) could not process the data packets because of huge volumes of fake traffic.

NK Pro added in its report that the current incident was a repeat of what has happened on January 13th,2022, where a denial of service attack was launched on the DNS servers operating in North Korea disrupting web connectivity in the entire region for almost 6 hours.

Note 1- Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, has an ambition to rule the entire world and so is planning to destroy other nations with Nuclear power. And to quench his nuclear ambitions, the leader is funding a group of cyber experts whose duty is to steal digital currency from Crypto exchanges and wallets and to launch cyber attacks on national infrastructure of other nations in order to induce a political and governing imbalance into the victimized nation.

Note 2- Thus, by having such dreaded ambitions, the leader has gathered a lot of enemy following from other nations- mainly those from the West, apparently making way for more such cyber attacks.

Naveen Goud
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