Director of US Intelligence resigns and admits that the US is vulnerable to cyber attacks


Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper has put down his resignation today morning before the House Select Committee on Intelligence. This move was expected as the newly elected US President Donald Trump is on a transition spree of setting the right tone for National Security Agencies during his administration.

Mr. James put down his papers before the panel of lawmakers last night and is left with only 64 days of service which ends on January 20th,2017. The Officer of Director of National Intelligence will make this official in a couple of hours from now via Twitter.

Speaking about his decision and the need for the next US administration to focus on Cyber security, Clapper admitted that there is a huge threat to the federal nation from countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. He specified that cyber threat from these specified countries is high on radar and the government will have to take necessary steps on time to deal with the cyber dimension.

James Clapper also mentioned that the US have to also face the impact of lone wolves and homegrown violent extremism in coming years. But if necessary action and steps are taken in a proactive way, most of the damage can be avoided or controlled. James Clapper said that the decision of the previous government to impose internet surveillance on public was taken to benefit of nation and National security.

Mr. Clapper began his career as a military man who served for 50 years. He served as a rifleman in the Marine Corps and later participated in two combat wars of the Vietnam War. He was also appointed as a Director of Intelligence for warfighting commands of US forces Korea, Pacific Command and Strategic Air Command.

Then he was appointed as a Director of National Intelligence in 2010 in the presence of Barack Obama. He held the top position of governing more than 17 intelligence agencies that ranged from CIA, NSA and FBI to groups that were very less known to the US populace—like the National Reconnaissance Office.

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