Disruption on the horizon

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Innovations in technology have been a prime agent for disruption throughout much of human history.  Advancements in materials science gave English archers, with their superior longbows, the advantage over the French in many conflicts during the Hundred Years War; such as the Battle of Agincourt.  In the late 2000’s, the music industry was forced to reinvent itself in the face of changing consumer consumption models as a result of technological advancements or become irrelevant. 
As cyber security professionals we are often caught in the wake of disruptive changes as a result of technology adoption (i.e. Cloud), changes in operational paradigms (i.e. DevOps), or regulatory/compliance developments (i.e. GDPR, CCPA, etc.).  Recognizing this, how can we proactively identify such changes before they start to impact our operations?  While practically any technology or process can potentially upend your security paradigm, currently cited examples…

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