Donald Trump alleges Hillary Clinton of interference and espionage on election campaigns

In an interview organized by Fox News, Donald Trump alleged that Hillary Clinton’s campaigning team tried their best to interfere and spy on his 2016 Presidential Election campaign.

Reacting to the Special Counsel John Durham’s probe, the former president said that more such developments will come into light as the court filings slowly begin to unfold.

According to information provided to Cybersecurity Insiders, Hillary’s staff conducted spying on the web traffic of Trump and tried to corner the 46th president of United States with an allegation that he was in digital touch with Russia before the elections that eventually turned in favor of him.

A legal proceeding was also moved into the Durham court claiming Clinton’s presidential campaign paid some web development companies to spy on the servers used by Trump Towers, Trump Central Park West Apartments, a healthcare provider related to Trump’s business. The money was offered to link the traffic going to & forth to the servers of Trump from Russia.

An investigation has been launched and FBI, in association with Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been assigned the task to get into the details of the probe.

Note 1- To those uninitiated, the year 2017 witnessed a lot of drama with the former President Obama and Hillary Clinton claiming that the Presidential Elections of 2016 were influentially rigged by Kremlin and so went in favor of Mr. Trump.

Note 2- On 7th January 2017, FBI came up with a statement that the elections were indeed influenced by a foreign nation, but the law enforcement agency failed to name the nation behind the digital interference, for reasons.


Naveen Goud
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