Donald Trump signs executive order pushing Cybersecurity to Cloud


Donald Trump the 45th President of United States has signed an executive order on Thursday pushing cybersecurity to cloud. The order which was pronounced by Tom Bossert, the adviser of White House Homeland Security recites that the government agencies should start using cloud computing techniques to modernize the usage of IT Infrastructure. Thus, the latest order helps in architecting a centralized risk by moving agencies towards shared IT services.

“The United States invented the internet and we should start using it in a better way”, said Tom Bossert. He added that though there is a risk in such architecture, we can easily address that risk with our intelligence.

As per our sources, Trump was scheduled to sign the order on January 31st, 2017. But for reasons, the officials from the President office made him evade the signing of the order.

And as per the new law, Trump puts the responsibility of data breach solely on the shoulders of the director of every federal agency. Earlier, the office staff used to bear the brunt of such order. But now, the executive risk management requires agency heads to lead integrated teams of senior executives tucked with expertise in IT, security, finance, acquisition, law, privacy and human resources.

Although many drafts of this order were being circulated for weeks, the Thursday’s version includes a major and unexpected initiative- moving as a much of the government’s cyber defense system to the cloud as possible.

A single structure centralizing all federal IT networks is what the new Trump’s order spells.

The order also directs all federal agencies to adopt cybersecurity directives formulated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The agency actually outlined these policies some years ago. But for reason, the government never showed interest in adopting these policies.

More details are awaited!

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