Dopple Leaks website launched by DopplePaymer Ransomware to publish victim data

Unexpected things are happening in the cyber world and here’s a news piece to share with those who are interested in knowing the latest in the ransomware world. Till a couple of years ago, ransomware spreading hackers were seen encrypting a database unless a ransom is paid.

From 2019, the cyber crooks first started to steal a portion of the data from a database and then locked it with the file-encrypting malware unless a ransom in cryptocurrency is paid. And in the case the victim fails to pay a ransom, then the hacker would then sell the stolen data in the dark web marketplace to fetch a fair amount.

Now, the news is out that those spreading DopplePaymer Ransomware have launched a dedicated website named “Dopple Leaks” on Feb 25th,2020 which will be used to publish the data of their victims who don’t pay a ransom.

And what’s more? The website will be accessible on the open web in a couple of months- means anyone can get hold of the stolen data after paying an amount. But for now, it is only available for access through a virtual private network.

As of now, the website is available in the beta version with a small amount of stolen data available for purchase and shame the victim.

Highly placed sources say that Dopple Leaks has info related to the database about Pemex, a Mexico based oil company that suffered the file-encrypting infection in Nov’19 where hackers demanded 560 BTC worth $4.9 million for providing a decryption key.

Also, data related to an accounts firm from the USA is available for access as the victim failed to pay a ransom of 15 BTC. Then a logistics firm from South Africa which failed to pay 50 BTC is also on the list along with a french telecom & cloud company which denied paying a ransom of 35 BTC.

Naveen Goud
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