Elon Musk Neuralink puts AI chip in a Pig


Neuralink, the startup backed by multi billionaire Elon Musk of Tesla has achieved a milestone recently when its scientists inserted an Artificial Intelligence based silicon processor into the brain of a pig.

Named Gertrude, the pig now has a coin-sized computer in its brain that has been put in June 2020. Scientists say that the baconer is doing well with AI chip in brain and might help the medical field in curing human diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and spinal cord related malfunctions.

“An implant can easily resolve such neurological issues”, said Musk in a tweet on Friday.

Technically, Neuralink has been working in inserting silicon wafers into human brains since 2016, and the San Francisco based startup has attained success in doing so by implanting wireless brain-computer interfaces operating on electrodes. The first AI chip to be inserted into the human will be done in 2021 and is aimed to treat patients suffering from paralysis or paraplegia.

However, other scientists from the related AI field say that the approach should be filled with caution as there are a lot of concerns to be studied further.

Note- Since its inception in 2016, the San Francisco based startup has been hitting news headlines for its research in Neurotechnology. The organization is known for hiring some reputed scientists from various universities across the globe and has been working on a small coin sized brain chip propelled by AI that can help a human in doing different brain related functions. In Aug’2020 the company was given FDA approved rights for using Neuralink 1024 Electrode Read/write link device to be inserted into the brain of humans for testing.

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